Personalized & Compassionate

We strive to meet the patient where they are at; whatever brings you in our door, we work diligently to provide a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan to meet your needs. Using therapy and medication (if needed) our goal is to take care of the whole person.

Accessible & Flexible

We understand the unpredictability of the schedule of the healthcare provider for the individual and their family. This includes other people on the healthcare team such as administrative and technical support and allied health professionals.

Comprehensive & Committed

With the breadth of experience of our clinical team, we can meet the needs of our clients by offering a wide range of therapy modalities and treatment recommendation, as well as both in-person and telehealth appointments.

Who We Are

Willow Grove Mental Health is a practice that focuses on providing comprehensive mental health treatment, including medication evaluation and management as well as individual and couples therapy to caregivers and their families.

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